Saturday, July 5, 2008

Tidal Travis

You are the tide
Constantly rolling in and out of our lives,
Except without regularity.

I am the sand that accepts your presence
And absence.
I may build a wall to keep you out,
But it is only sand, and breaks easily when you roll in again
Sympathetic to your continuous self-inflicted plight,
I can not turn my back to you.

In a storm, your salty spray stings,
Your hostile breaks pick at my constitution,
Your wicked undertow pulls me under
Where I tumble and tumble until I settle
once more on the sturdy beach.

On pleasant days your gentle laps are refreshing
and feel good.
They make me miss high tide.

You have left many priceless treasures on my shore-
others who have been caught in your waves.
I bury them in my soul.
And you always take a bit of me when you go again......

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