Friday, June 20, 2008

These Days

These days I wear baby burp like cologne;
it smells like love to me.

To me summer vacation is covered in
handprints and hugs;
it's not easy being a crane- you lift one,
they all want a ride;
and once is never enough!

I find myself sitting on a floor
holding the future in my lap
If two cartoon lions can find true love,
why can't I?

I will never know why a bug
so fascinating
must be squished.

I believe a magic eraser really is
but soap is superfluous.

These days I come home with pockets
full of excitement for the future
and small rocks.

These days I would be unrecognizable
if I weren't
dripping with bags
filled to capacity.

These days it's worth a roomful of
wild monkeys
just to peek in the door, and know
she's happy.

These days my waking hours are enriched
my sleep is fragmented
my body is caffeinated
my breasts wax and wane.

Lord, give me strength for
another day
another "why?"
another cry
Lord, I cherish these days as they pass
the hours drag by, but time moves
too fast.

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