Friday, April 16, 2010

The Children

They're giving me ulcers & graying my hair
with the glazed-over eyes and "I don't know" stares,
Sometimes I feel that they don't even care,
those children!

Their monkey antics make me grumble and puff,
So whiny, and always forgetting their stuff,
Some days I feel that I've had enough
of those children!

They go instantly crazy in a hallway crowd,
They'll earn a detention and act so proud,
Oh mercy, why are they being so loud?
Those children!

"Are you kidding?" "Didn't I just explain?"
"It's not too hard if you use your brain!"
Oh where did they learn to be such a pain?
Those children!


I can always count on a genuine smile,
a high five, or a hug, complements on my style,
and I miss them if I don't see them for a while,
my children.

Their minds are so young, their faces so sweet;
some of them sloppy, some of them neat,
And I'm grateful I was given the chance to meet
my children!

Sometimes they're my angels, sometimes their a clown,
Sometimes I could ship them right out of town!
But you'd better believe I'd take anyone down
who tried to harm my children.

They come to me wide-eyed, how quickly they part;
They're teenage adventures just beginning to start,
And each an every one holds a place in my heart,
my children!

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